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We’re crafting a Bobu proposal right now.

Why you’ll want to vote for it.

  • You’ll be able to equip Bobu to your Beanz & Azuki.
  • We’re asking for a total of 0.0Ξ from Bobu’s treasury.
  • Our tool will be 100% FREE!

No, this won’t affect your token on the blockchain. You won’t even need to connect your wallet. It’ll be a tool for you to equip Bobu to your Beanz and Azuki and save the image, and it’s all free. Your GM game will explode on Twitter.

Follow me on Twitter for updates. Until then, if you have a Beanz, check out my first project, GM Beanz Podz!

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Ps. you’ll be able to equip more than just Bobu when my tool is done!